Fate, as the dictionary explains, refers to a relationship between people. Some people say: meet is a kind of fate. Some people also say that the meeting in this life is the agreement of the previous life. I don't know how others think, but I have thought for many times: can meeting really form a so-called fate? Is meeting a kind of agreement? At the beginning of human life, people are destined to contact with all kinds of people, so as to achieve a process of understanding. But how many people can really form a relationship by meeting each other? When we join the flow of people, maybe there are too many people passing by us. Can we all form a so-called fate and agreement with it? No! Perhaps too many can only be regarded as passers-by, passing by without leaving any impression or trace. What is the so-called fate? Fate is the moment when we meet and meet. We can stop for each other, leave a greeting, a smile and a trace. And each other can learn to cherish for this question a smile a trace! Love is fate, fate is not just meet! Meeting is the basis of fate, not the essence. Only by meeting and learning to grasp and cherish with heart, can we form the so-called fate. Beautiful meteors across the night sky, but can meet and feel is very few, can meet is fate, the lost can not be called fate. There are too many people and things we meet. In the course of our life, there are too few people who meet with each other, because we have never cherished and grasped them with our heart.